Crown Door

Cafe Hollander 045r
The SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Fold System

Design the SST-II into your interior spaces and watch walls disappear, allowing light and motion to easily move throughout.

Crown Door Bi Fold Electric
The Electric Bi-Fold System

Folding open, vertically, like its larger sibling, the Bi-Fold Electric System allows for the same smooth access between environments with just the press of a button.

Crown Door Single Swing Yeti
The Hydraulic Single Swing System

The Single Swing Hydraulic System opens out fully, providing almost the entire rough opening height clear – Perfect for allowing large machinery into and out of a space or getting every inch of height possible out of a counter or bar top application.

Crown Door 5050 Hydraulic Armture Works
The Hydraulic 50/50 System

The 50/50 provides an incredibly clean opening, requires minimal exterior space in the open position, maximizes clear opening height, and requires no maintenance, making it perfectly suited for architectural, commercial, and residential designs.

Topanga crown door vertical lift
The Hydraulic Vertical Lift System

Available in custom sizes from counter-top application to two-story atriums, the Vertical Lift System provides an impressive visual statement supported by well-engineered operation.

Serranos 5 CD Electric Swing
The Electric Swing System

Providing greater headroom and offering more overhead protection than the Bi-Fold System, the Single Swing System is well suited for everything from commercial food service to private residential pass-through.