The Hydraulic Single Swing System

From the smallest bar-top application to the largest storefront, the Single Swing system is available in a wide range of sizes. Maximum sizes are determined by calculations of width, height, and weight of the clad product.

The Single Swing is the premier, hydraulically operated, single-piece door/window on the market, today. The Single Swing offers a larger range of available sizes, the largest clear opening height, and quicker speeds. The Single Swing Hydraulic System is perfect for any application from industrial facilities to commercial storefronts.

  • Dimensions: Custom

  • Shipped powder-coat finished. A full array of standard, non-standard, and custom colors are available, with few exceptions.

  • Manual lowering system in case of power failure.

  • Total security without the use of locking mechanisms. The hydraulic cylinders draw the system panels closed with 1,000+ lbs. of force, creating a tight seal around the perimeter.

  • Full perimeter weather seals.

  • Integral mounting frame to limit loads on the structure.

  • Remotely mounted power unit.

  • No floor track is required. Nothing to impair movement through the opening.

  • When open the system forms an awning providing protection from the weather and sun.

  • The use of hydraulics eliminates the need for limit switches.