The Advantages of Deployable Curtain Systems

Deployable smoke and fire rated curtains are cost effective and virtually invisible when not in use.

For a while now, deployable curtains that are both fire rated and smoke resistant have been utilized to protect elevators effectively. Nonetheless, incorporating them into atrium design is a recent development. Compared to a complex smoke exhaust system, passive smoke curtains present a simpler and less expensive solution in terms of certification, commissioning, and upkeep. Furthermore, deployable curtain systems can be constructed to be virtually invisible when not in use.

As a passive smoke management system, fire curtains consume less energy than a smoke exhaust system. When properly designed, smoke curtains can work alongside other life safety features in a building, such as sprinklers and smoke exhaust systems, to create an efficient smoke control system.

The implementation of a deployable smoke curtain system comes with many benefits. SG Solutions provides a variety of finishes, dimensions, and assemblies, as well as custom solutions when required to match your building's design. If you are interested in learning more about how these systems can be integrated into your new construction or renovation project, please don't hesitate to contact us today.