Smoke & Fire Rated Opening Protectives for Internal Windows

When discussing smoke and fire-rated curtains, emphasis is always put on doorways or elevators. However, it is also important to consider any internal windows you may have.

Consider a manufacturing environment, where a manager or supervisor's office is typically separated from the main floor but has one or two windows to oversee the production area. It is essential to protect these windows in the event of a fire emergency.

The M1000 fire-rated assembly offers an ideal solution. This system deploys on a fusible link and descends via gravity, requiring no power. It has a 20-minute fire endurance rating and can provide protection from smoke and flames for vital offices or areas. This is particularly important since these isolated offices often house files and computers.

When planning fire protection for your building, it is essential to consider the protection of internal windows. Contact SG Solutions' experts today to learn more.