Fire & Smoke Curtains for Theaters

When it comes to protecting large crowds, such as in a theater, Smoke Guard fire and smoke curtains are a great options.

Smoke Guard smoke and fire curtains can be seamlessly integrated into the design of a theater to meet all required building codes without disrupting the elegant aesthetic of most theaters. In fact, fire curtains can be designed to remain completely concealed until triggered by fire alarms during an emergency deployment.

Flexible fire curtains work to compartmentalize the source of fire or smoke to allow ample time for all theater-goers to exit safely. This can be a daunting task for theaters, particularly during non-emergency situations when exiting can create traffic congestion.

If you are undertaking renovations or starting new construction, contact the fire safety experts at SG Solutions today. We can assist in designing a solution that ensures the protection of the audience, staff, and emergency responders.